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Mum's iron four times the height of London's Shard Tower!

New research has found that the pile of clothes that a British mother irons in a lifetime is a huge 1,248 metres tall - four times the height of London's Shard tower.


Mothers aren't getting any assistance from their offspring either as only 3% of teenagers have offered to help with the ironing.


The researchers quizzed 1,091 British mothers about who does the household chores on behalf of Philips PerfectCare, a new range of steam-generated irons.


And unsurprisingly they found that it is not a task they enjoy, with many saying they would happily pay to avoid it. (That is obviously good news for Ironing Maidens, who can take over this onerous chore!)


A third of mothers (30 per cent) would employ someone to do their ironing - while one in five admit they have bought a child a school uniform that doesn't require ironing.


Scottish mums have the biggest battle on their hands, with an average of 15 items in their weekly pile - compared to 12 items for London mothers.


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