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Preparing Your Laundry for Maximum Results

Doing laundry is not always as simple as it seems.  There are a few "Tips" to follow to ensure your get the best results 


Washing Tips

  • Zip up all clothes so that they are not damaged during washing.
  • Clean the filter of the washing machine at least once a month.
  • If any garment needs sewing or repair, it must be done before the washing.
  • Don’t Fast Spin Woollens or Silks as this damages them
  • If you’re washing silk clothes, add a little vinegar to the water in the last rinse to add shine to the silk garments.


  • Before putting the garment on the line is very important to shape it up with a few shakes to straighten up the creases. This way the garment will dry out less wrinkled and it will be easier to iron it.
  • Do not overload and regularly clean its filters.
  • For easier ironing, do not over-dry the clothes.
  • Remove the clothes from the dryer as soon as the cycle is finished and leave them unfolded or loosely rolled so there are no additional creases.
  • Never put woollens in the dryer – always dry flat on a towel and don’t expose to direct sunlight


  • Liquid detergents are friendlier to clothes than powders.  Organic is best but synthetic ones may be needed for dirtier clothes. 
  • Hand washing detergents are not good for machine wash as they create too much foam.
  • Do not hesitate to use softeners as they make you washing smell nice and “catch” the static electricity from the clothes.

Dry Cleaning Tips

  • Some fabrics are not suitable for washing and should be Dry Cleaned.  But be careful –not too often.
  • Clothes manufacturers often insure themselves by unnecessarily recommending dry clean only - If you wash some of these garments carefully they won’t be damaged – but always seek advice
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